Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life is good!

Navy and Gigi play date

Navy and Gigi are just under two months apart. They had a play date this last Friday and they are at the age where they are starting to interact with each other. Gigi a little more so than Navy but they are going to be the best of friends as they continue to grow.

Jack and Navy BFFs

Navy gets her swim on!

Friday hit 100degrees! Which definitely called for a swim. We were excited to see how Navy would like the water and she loved it. She's a natural when Dallan had her on her stomach she kicked her legs. The water was a little cold (we thought it was going to be heated) but she loved it the whole time.

Audrey's Baptism

                  My aunt and cousin made this quilt it's darling!

My niece Audrey was baptized on March 12th. I can't believe she's 8! It was a wonderful day and I'm for Audrey and her choice to be baptized she's the cutest newly baptized member of the church I know! Love you Podgey!

Navy Eats Solids

On Navy's 6month birthday we started her on solids, well brown rice cereal. She has enjoyed her new cereal. Since then she also has had oatmeal and barley. Barley is her favorite of the three. I'm going to start her on green veggies this week. About week and half into to solids she had a little bit of a nursing strike. She would nurse at 4am then not want to eat again until 3pm. Talk about a stressful couple of weeks. I was having to pump to relief pressure and to keep up my supply but she's back to her normal eating schedule so both Mom and Navy are happy.

Moving Day

Dallan's brother Brandon lived with us from mid July to the beginning of January. He had just moved back from Dental school in Kentucky and was hoping to sell his house there before getting something here. With the crummy market he hasn't sold his house in KY but he was ready for a place of his own. So we all helped in move around the corner. He moved to the apartments that are in our ward which is fun and he still gets to see Navy at least once a week. She really likes her uncle Brandon. It's crazy to think that the 3 years we've lived in this house we have cumulatively had people living with us for a year of the three years. My sister, her husband Luke, son Finley and her two horses. JK 2 dogs.  Lived with us for January to July the year prior to Brandon living with us. Anyone else need a place to live? HA!